The Complete Guide to Popup Builder and How They’re Changing the Online World


Marketers from various companies and businesses try to come up with sophisticated ways to grab the attention of website visitors and retain potential buyers so that ultimately sales increase. However, many specialists forget that the simplest solutions are often the most effective.

One such simple and inexpensive solution is to add pop-ups to websites. With their sudden appearance, they immediately attract the attention of visitors. This way, businesses can easily display the important messages they want to convey to visitors.

Different marketing strategies show different conversion rates. This indicator is the most important, which marketers should pay attention to. Regarding pop-ups, the conversion rate reaches more than eleven percent. Compared to many other strategies, this is quite an impressive result.

Moreover, this strategy is easy and inexpensive to implement. All professionals need to do is decide on the message, come up with inspirational ideas, and choose an easy-to-use popup builder with which they can create effective website popup elements.

Here are the results you can achieve with an effective tool:

Turn visitors into customers

The monthly number of visitors to your business website does not mean that you have a successful business. Visitors come and go. Every business strives to turn a regular visitor into a buyer, and pop-ups can help with that.

Your website must offer something of value to grab the user’s attention. Pop-ups can increase your conversion rate because they concisely convey the main message. However, in practice, not all popups are successful.

Here’s what you need to do to create an effective element:

  • Use less text and provide more benefits to visitors;
  • Use bright visuals to grab attention;
  • Make personalized offers;
  • Use the right call-to-action buttons that match the message;
  • Pick the best time to introduce yourself.

The right message, time, form fills and CTA buttons will make your item attractive. However, the bottom line is the value of your message to a potential buyer. If you just ask for contact details and don’t offer anything in return, you won’t see any results. Nobody wants to receive a ton of emails a day. Your best bet is to offer a discount, coupons, freebies or a limited time offer. By giving something back, you increase the chances of the visitor becoming your buyer.

Choosing a particular trigger

A pop-up that appears as soon as a visitor lands on a website is a bad idea. Visitors do not have time to familiarize themselves with what you offer, because you immediately call them to any action. This is annoying and forces visitors to close the tab.

Modern pop-up builders give you the option to choose a trigger. You can choose to display this element:

  • After a certain number of seconds;
  • After users view a certain percentage of content;
  • After browsing several web pages;
  • After a certain number of clicks, and more.

The tools allow you to set this option manually. In addition, some of them may offer automatic selection. This parameter is set automatically after analyzing the behavior of website visitors. Thus, it is possible to analyze at which step visitors close the page without filling in a call to action.

It’s also important not to overstate the number of pop-ups each visitor will see. If they are browsing content or reading information about a product or service while distractions keep popping up, the visitor will simply leave your website.

Advanced editor

Beginners who have never worked with such tools before need an easy-to-use editor. However, such an editor should also offer advanced features and settings. You might have seen several bad pop-ups that you want to close immediately. You certainly don’t want users to react that way to your popup either. So a lot depends on the design.

Additionally, the tool should offer drag-and-drop functionality. This greatly simplifies the whole process and also reduces the creation time. You can easily add the necessary items and get rid of the unwanted ones.

Don’t forget that you can customize the pop-up window. When creating it, you can use your website’s color palette and fonts, as well as your company logos. Thus, the offer for visitors will seem more exclusive.

Rich library of ready-to-use templates

If you’re in the business of creating popups, it can be difficult to create the perfect element from scratch. For such a case, many tools offer a rich library of ready-to-use templates. You can choose the option that will look harmonious on your website and start customizing it.

So, by using templates, you will have a base from which to develop the perfect product. All you have to do is type in your message and decide on color schemes, fonts, and other elements that will make your pop-up more visible.

Integration with other tools

The ability to integrate with other tools is particularly important. For example, you may be able to integrate your CRM system, which contains all your customer information. So, based on this integration, you will be able to create personalized offers. If a buyer sees a pop-up that addresses them by name and also offers a great offer specifically for that buyer, then it will be hard to refuse. This way you can reduce your bounce rate.

In addition, you must have the ability to analyze the effectiveness of this strategy. You can integrate the tool into your Google Analytics profile. This will help you determine the effectiveness of each popup you use. You will be able to see if the conversion rate increases and if the investment is beneficial for your business.

It is an excellent long-term investment. Also, as you learn to work with settings and trigger settings, you will notice significant improvements and an increase in conversions.


With all of the available marketing tools that professionals use to increase conversion rates, pop-ups perform very well in terms of effectiveness and increasing sales. Plus, it’s the most cost-effective solution you can use today. The key is to find a modern popup builder that offers advanced functionality.


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