Kyle Farnsworth is a bodybuilder now and looks amazing


Kyle Farnsworth remains one of the most intimidating pitchers to ever climb to the top of the hill. He owned a fastball rocket from a time not so long ago when precious pitchers could pump it over 95 mph. His performance for the Chicago Cubs in a bench clearance brawl against the Cincinnati Reds remains legendary.

But we wonder if he could have pursued his bodybuilding dreams while playing. Because it would have been amazing if he had put on a medium jersey and trotted to the mound. Farnsworth has unveiled a new body that will surprise those who didn’t know he cut carbs and ushered in preacher curls. And folks, it’s a sight to behold.

You look good, Kyle. No problem here. Good luck with any future wins and congratulations on the hard-earned ones. If you think we’re going to say anything other than super positive, well, you thought wrong.


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