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Voxpopme adds a tool for out-of-the-box video polls

July 8, 2022

Video information provider Voxpopme has launched Project Templates, providing a library of ready-to-use video surveys to conduct qualitative research and help develop conversations with customers.

Voxpopme’s app collects consumer feedback in the form of video responses directly from mobile phones. In February, the company launched two qualitative solutions – Theme Builder, to allow users to create personalized and categorized themes for video comments captured in Voxpopme and decide how it groups their qualitative results; and an enhanced version of Enhanced Filters, allowing users to browse video data faster and filter videos based on response data.

With the new Project Templates solution, users can launch a video survey without designing new questions: the solution provides survey design insight and structures video questions to elicit in-depth consumer responses. Templates promises video polls for all feedback types, categorized by team and type, and the company says it will help users learn from video polls used by other brands, advertising, and concept testing. video testimonials and course mapping.

CRO Jenn Mancusi Vogel (pictured) comments, “Video delivers unparalleled understanding of customers when you ask the right questions in the right order. And with project templates, qualitative research becomes easy to execute even when you don’t have time to create surveys from scratch. As a result, you can get detailed responses in minutes and easily repeat surveys so you can compare feedback on concepts, creatives, products, or ads anytime.”

Website: www.voxpopme.com.

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