CJI concerned about passing bills without debate


Jaipur, July 17 (IANS): India’s Chief Justice NV Ramana on Saturday expressed concern over declining legislative performance and the passage of bills without debate.

“The country is witnessing a decline in the quality of legislative performance. We have a form of government where the executive is accountable to the legislature. However, the space for opposition leaders is shrinking in the absence of debate deepened and politics has become an acronym. Politics opposition must not turn into hostility as we see these days, which are not signs of a healthy democracy,” he said.

He said this during a seminar on the 75th year of parliamentary democracy organized under the aegis of the Rajasthan branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association.

“Although the Constitution does not specify a minimum number of days that the state assembly must meet each year, but there is no doubt that the citizens will benefit from a longer engagement,” he said. he adds.

“In a world as divided as ours, it is you who can hold society together,” he told lawmakers.

He added: “The lack of debate in the legislative bodies I mentioned is not a criticism. My only concern was the burden placed on the judiciary due to imperfection in law-making. If the bills are perfectly debated, we will have better laws.”

He added that India is the largest parliamentary democracy in the world.

“The role of the judiciary is the most important in a democracy. Acting as a bridge between the aspirations of ordinary people and the truth during the 75 years of independence, the judiciary has written history of growth and transformation of India as a result of progressive politics laws and policies He said that democracy defines our identity, determines our freedoms, rights and duties.

Calling on the youth, Ramana said that the youth is the foundation of democracy and the youth are the builder of India’s future. Therefore, today’s youth should become aware and informed and ensure their participation in the democratic system.

On the occasion, Justice Ramana inaugurated the digital museum and said that this museum showcases the rich culture as well as political and historical features of Rajasthan. He said that this museum is not just a building but a bridge between our past and our future. This museum will undoubtedly make young people curious.


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