Android 13’s clipboard overlay will soon dedicate a Nearby Share button


If you’re always copying something from one device and pasting it to another, this can become a handy shortcut

Long known as Android Beam, Google has made local Bluetooth-based file sharing a priority for itself and more visible to users with its 2020 name change to Nearby Sharing. This visibility will be further increased with an upcoming feature that will allow users to immediately access Nearby Share right after copying the media.

Esper Tech Writer Mishaal Rahman was able to enable the new UI – a Nearby Share button on the new clipboard overlay – manually on an Android 13 device with the latest version of Google Play Services.

In addition to displaying the content just copied with an edit or markup option, the overlay can also adopt other buttons contextually for other intents, such as a Google Maps button when an address has been copied .


We’re not betting on people, but it looks like this new Nearby Share button may be a fixed addition to the overlay – the edit/tag button was removed as of Android 13 Beta 3.2 and this feature is now accessible in pressing on the content itself. Whatever the case, it’s good to have an option provided just in time rather than having to dig into the share sheet.

Rahman suggests that Nearby Share users who receive copied text and images can automatically import them to their own clipboard. That’s not the case with the feature as it is, however.

Other new Nearby Sharing features are already available, including the ability to skip authentication when sharing files between devices you own.


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